Picking Out the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Picking Out the Perfect Pair of Glasses

It has been said that fashion is passion.  They say that clothes make the man, experts in style tell us accessories are the key to success when we dress.  The way that we look, our outward appearance that we present to the world each day is, right or wrong, a significant standard by which people judge is both personally and professionally.  It is true that the clothes that we wear and the things that we choose to accessories those clothes are key to how well we complete an overall look.  Sometimes though the accessories that we wear are not just for fashion, but for function as well.  Wearing eye glasses is for many a vital part of their day.  Without them they are not able to enjoy the beauty that the world offers and they cannot effectively get through their day doing the things that they have to do. Eye glasses are not just a simple thing that you can buy and thrown on every day just because they are functional however.  They are important to how we look.  In some ways eye glasses are the most important accessory that we will ever don.

Eye glasses are a major component in how we look when we wear them.  They are center of our face and framing our eyes, therefore, they are the things that most people see first and look at the longest when they are interacting with us.  Choosing the right eye glasses combines a need to find ones that fit our personal style and make the statement that we wish to make with out appearance but also look good on us.  There are lots of different styles and types of eyeglasses.  When you are in the optometrist office you will no doubt be presented with a gallery at some time that contains hundreds of different choices. While you could spend all afternoon looking around and trying on different pairs, this does not ensure that you will get the best pair for you in terms of great looks and proper fit.  Also do not rely solely on the opinion of the consultant at the eye care center as they have a vested interest in “helping” you to select the pairs that they want you to buy as these are usually the more expensive ones available.  Choosing the perfect pair for you takes careful consideration and patience.  Here are some tips on how you can choose the best pair for your face as well as your style.

woman with glassesOne of the most significant factors that affect the type of glasses that are perfect for us is the shape of the frames vs. the shape of our faces. Choosing the wrong type of frames for our face creates an awkward look that is not attractive. Concurrently choosing the wrong type of frames for our face could lead to the glasses not being as effective for our vision as they could be.  Choosing the right shape and having them fitted correctly will help you to have a better field of vision.

The material that the frames are made out of is also an important consideration.  Acrylic or plastic frames are not as durable but come in different colors and a virtually endless array of styles.  Metal frames are more durable and offer the option of having flexibility in some models which makes them harder to break or bend.  They have the disadvantage of coming in less styles and colors however.  Choosing the right material will not only hep your glasses to last longer but will also have a major impact on how they look on you.

cool couple shadesThe color of the frames or the style that they are will have the biggest impact on the way that you look in them and the statement that you will make while wearing them.  If you have a flair for the dramatic then solid black is always a good choice.  White is bold and fresh while bright colors such as red, blue or green will make a personal statement about your style and who you are.  If you go with metal frames the rule of thumb is to pair to your hair.  Brass is good for brunettes, silver for gray hair, chrome for salt and pepper hair and gold for blonds. Choosing the right color is also important for your complexion.  While you may want red, you may need to go with maroon instead so as to match a darker complexion.  For a lighter complexion choosing thinner frames with more vibrant colors.  This will still make a statement but will not over power your face or hide other features.  The old rules said that you chose frame color based on the color of your eyes, but with today’s more open and liberal fashion trends this is not the case anymore.  This rule should still be adhered to however if your style is more conservative in nature.

Choosing the right pair of eye glasses for you is a process that takes time, careful consideration and patience.  Your glasses are not only essential to your being able to carry out the daily tasks of living, but also play a significant part in the overall appearance that you present to the world every day.  Choosing the right glasses for your face, complexion and personal style is not always and easy task.  The important thing to remember here is to not just go with something that you think “looks good” in the mirror at the eye care center and to not rely heavily on the advise of the consultant who works there who has a vested interest in getting you to buy certain pairs which are more expensive or which may be heavily back stocked.  Take the time to explore your options an keep I mind the basic tips listed above and you will surly end up with a perfect pair of eyeglasses for you.  Now that you have those great looking new glasses go out and explore all of the wondrous and beautiful things that the world has to offer.